Energy and Environmental Translations

Translations for the Energy Industry and Environmental Organisations

Intertranslations provides exceptional translations in the fields of energy and environment due to the translation skills, subject knowledge and specialized technical expertise of its translators. Each energy and environmental translation project is carried out by translators who are native speakers of the target language into which a text is translated, as well as being experts on the terminology used by environmental agencies and companies in the energy sector.

Intertranslations provides the energy and environmental industries with high-quality professional translation and localisation services. Past projects include:

• Procedures translations

• Installations translations

• Manuals translations

• Brochures translations

• Technical equipment translations

• Training materials translations

• Standards translations

• Specifications translations

• EU directives translations

• Lists translations

• Diagrams translations

• Internal documents translations

• Corporate documents translations

• Promotional documents translations

• Contracts translations

• Board practices translations

• Financial statements translations

• Certificates translations

• Documents translations

• Notices translations

• Competitions translations

• Traditional Energy

From petroleum related translations to natural gas translations, Intertranslations has 20 years of experience in energy translations.

• Renewable Energy

Whether it is translations about solar panels or wind farms, Intertranslations has the appropriate solution for your needs.

• Environment

Environmental responsibility rules differ by country. Intertranslations environmental translations can lead you safely through this global maze.

Energy and environmental translations have special requirements for both data security as well as the necessary technological infrastructure. Certified with DIN and ISO certifications, Intertranslations exceeds even the most demanding security standards. We ensure consistent translation quality along with resulting economic benefits for your company, by creating custom translation memories and glossaries. Environmental translations apply to a wide range of everyday life situations, as the environment is all around us. At the same time, corporate responsibility standards shift from country to country and can create bottlenecks in foreign activities without the correct translation partner. Our numerous certifications and years of experience in environmental translations mean we can responsibly undertake translations of texts in all languages of projects such as:

• Architectural translations

• Civil Engineering translations

• Urban planning translations

• Urbanization translations

• Consumer products translations

• Cultural translations

• Energy planning translations

• Financial strategy translations

• Food translations

• Management translations

• Health translations

• Human Rights translations

• Production translations

• Tourism translations

• Logistics translations

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