Google Ads Localization

Reach new audiences by speaking their language

Google Ads, formerly know as Google Adwords, is the type of paid advertisements most businesses go for, as it allows you to appear on the top of search engine results. It is a valuable tool for targeting local but also international markets through investing in translation and localization of your Google Ads.

When it comes to approaching new audiences and global markets from different language communities, simply translating your ads might not do the trick; in order to effectively reach local markets around the world and achieve your business objectives you need to implement a Google Ads localization strategy.

The reason is that the success of your Google Ads campaign relies heavily on using the right keywords to appeal to your target audience. Keywords are specific to each individual market into which you are launching your Google Ads campaign, not just each language. Local language variations are reflected in the way users perform their online searches. In order to reach different audiences you need to use the right keywords – that is, not only translated into their native language, but also localized according to audience-specific searches.

Localization is the adaptation of text to a local language, not a mere word-for-word translation. It constitutes a second layer of processing, by which a translated text is adapted to the needs of a specific country or region. It involves adaptation both in terms of linguistic as well as cultural elements. Language localization differs from ordinary translation because it involves a comprehensive study of the target culture in order to correctly tailor the finished product to local needs. It can be applied for different countries and even specific regions within them that constitute a distinct linguistic community.

Simply put. the goal is to convey the same message in a way that speaks to local customers. Google Ads Localization is key to boosting your campaign and providingyour business the expected visibility that will establish you as important player in international markets. And that is because localization’s main target is human readers, unlike a SEO translation approach, for which the main target is search engines.

Apart from adapting ad text and keywords, Google Ads Localization includes localizing the relevant landing pages. This completes the localization process, by presenting users with a customized page and increasing your chances of acquisition in their specific market.

This process requires the technical know-how and linguistic expertise of a professional localization agency. Intertranslations specializes in localization in more than 50 language combinations and can provide the necessary support to ensure a successfully localized Google Ads campaign for multiple audiences.

Work with Intertranslations’ localisation experts

Our team is highly experienced in conducting keyword research for each target audience, to determine which are the most searched keywords that you can use to maximize your return-on-investment.

In this way we ensure that foreign language customers will not only understand your campaigns but also relate to them on a cultural level.

Share your campaign and business goals with our team of professional translators and localization experts and get expert results!