Technical Document Translation

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Are you a Document Control Manager? A Technical Director?

An Architect or Engineer?

Then you know that depending on the project, you have different needs for document translation.

A. The translated document is to be published or certified and you are aware of the fact that:

Technical translation requires technical and linguistic competence. You need the right terminology to be used.

We have ready and tested teams of native speakers and subject matter experts.

We can create a glossary with your key terms free of charge and can guarantee terminology consistency and high-quality deliverable throughout all your documentation.

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B. You need a fast solution to check or share a document internally.

We have developed advanced machine translation – the outcome is astonishing, and you can receive the deliverables from within two hours for editable PDFs, to 24hours for non-editable PDFs.

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The following are examples of technical documents that we frequently translate:

  • Installation, operator, maintenance and user manuals
  • Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)
  • Technical drawings
  • Processes
  • Patents
  • Engineering texts
  • Manuals for machine tools and other machines
  • Description and technical data sheets
  • Norms
  • Patents
  • Specifications
  • Quotes
  • User guides
  • Technical instructions
  • Instruction books

Recent projects

1 English into French

Requested by: A Finnish company that manufactures and services power sources and other equipment in the marine and energy markets.

  • 1,532,000 words – Technical Instructions – User Manuals
  • 6,127 pages
  • 25 PDF files, MADCAP, Autocad, InDesign files that should be translated in 2 months

We set-up 2 teams of 4 linguists and 1 reviser per team.

We asked the team to create a term base, we added the term base in our specialized translation management tools and whenever the reviser ran a QA to complete a project, they were notified of terminology discrepancies.

Project was delivered on time; Certification of Accuracy was provided – ISO 17100

2. Danish into English

Requested by: A UK-based company that offers multi-disciplinary CAD Services

  • 198,000 words in PDF files
  • 660 pages
  • 36 files of MSDS and Technical Drawings

The customer had internal revisers to make all necessary changes internally

We offered an Advanced Machine Translation solution which was performed using advanced machine translation techniques. Translation was delivered in a word format so that the customer could make his own edits and corrections. Machine Translation does not provide 100% accurate results. It is used to save time and costs.

Project was delivered in 2 working days at an extremely low cost

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Intertranslations provides expert technical translation services. Over the last 20 years, we have been translating from and to all European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages, combining high quality, low cost and prompt delivery for all our corporate clients.