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How to Choose the Right Language Service Provider

Selecting the right translation and localisation company can be a demanding task due to the plethora of options, varying processes, and diverse technologies available.
Our white paper addresses these challenges by providing a complete list of selection criteria.
By asking the questions outlined in this guide, your company can make well-informed decisions that will enhance its international presence and ensure successful global communication.

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Why should I download this white paper?

Get a Comprehensive Evaluation Guide

Our white paper provides you with a clear and thorough understanding of evaluating the translation services and processes. Armed with this knowledge you can identify and prioritize your needs, engage in discussions with translation agencies with confidence and clearly articulate your specific requirements.

Streamline the Selection Process

Having a structured list of detailed questions can help you streamline the evaluation process. It saves time and effort by providing a clear framework for assessing potential translation partners, enabling your company to focus on choosing the best fit for its language needs.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Save yourself from potential financial pitfalls by discovering the essential criteria to evaluate agencies, ensuring you partner with a reliable team that delivers outstanding results without breaking the bank. Identify any potential red flags or issues that might arise later, preventing wasted time, money, and resources.

What is inside the white paper?

The evaluation criteria are structured under four main pillars to cover the whole spectrum of translation services requirements. Alongside each criterion, you will find the exact question to ask your translation agency.

Quality Matters

In this white paper, we detail key quality criteria for selecting a translation partner. It’s vital to choose a certified translation agency with ISO certifications, as they ensure adherence to global translation and quality management standards. Additionally, robust quality assurance methods are pivotal for delivering consistent multilingual services. By prioritizing these criteria, you’ll effectively evaluate potential language service providers.

The Human Role

People play a pivotal role in the translation process. Discover the qualities that make language experts stand out and learn about the core competences that professional translators and revisers must have according to international standards.
Learn how to ensure on-time delivery of your translation projects and how a Single Point of Contact can assure smooth coordination.

State-of-the art Technology & Security

Get an overview of translation technologies, such as CAT tools, MT systems, and Translation Memories, that will enable your company to assess the agency’s efficiency, quality, and overall capability to handle diverse projects. Discover the tools that will provide your company with full control of your projects. Explore the pivotal security measures and certifications vital for your peace of mind.

Pricing Policies

Master the art of balancing quality and cost-effectiveness in translation and localization services. Navigate through a detailed breakdown of how services are typically charged in this industry and learn when to request discounts and minimum charges. Discover these effective strategies to optimize the translation company evaluation process.

About the author

Alexander Arvanitis

VP of Sales and Marketing

Alexander is a computer engineer with an MSc in artificial intelligence and a special focus on natural languages processing. He joined the translation and localisation industry in 2008 with Intertranslations. Since then, he managed to win several large translation and localisation contracts in the public and private sectors. His deep knowledge of the localisation market worldwide and his invaluable experience in understanding the challenges of decision makers and tender committees, enables him to consult buyers of translation services in finding the right language service provider that accurately meets and exceeds their needs and expectations.



Head of Procurement and General Administration at Bayer

We have collaborated with Intertranslations on the translation of various medical and pharmaceutical documents, including clinical research and training material. Completing more than 500 pages of translations on our behalf, they have exceeded our standards of quality and have always delivered within our requested delivery period.


Intertranslations has carried out a number of translations on our behalf, mainly texts in the nature of confidential legal documents, feasibility studies and financial reports. We have found the work on offer to be of high quality and the services provided to be prompt and efficient. In our experience, Intertranslations has followed high professional standards.

Clinical Research Manager, Pfizer

Intertranslations has been working in collaboration with Pfizer Hellas as a translation service partner. They have completed translations of multiple documents on our behalf, such as clinical research protocols, training materials, and various other medical documents. Over the course of our collaboration, Intertranslations has completed approximately 10,000 pages of translations. The quality of their translations has exceeded our standards, and their deliveries are flexible and timely.

Pintz & Partners

We have been working with Intertranslations for more than 6 years, trusting them to translate documents into various languages. We are very satisfied in terms of customer service, accuracy of translation deliverables, as well as their ability to deliver projects by the deadline.

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