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Hospitality Translation Services

Do you want to give customers a pleasant experience and hassle-free communication? Looking to make the most of the global market? We can help.

Many businesses operating within the hospitality industry aim to attract visitors from all over the world. Being able to communicate with those customers is critical, which is where translation comes into the picture. By translating your marketing materials, you can communicate effectively with a wider audience and unlock the full potential of your hospitality business.

Why should you consider hospitality translation services?

Translation is an essential step for industries which operate on a global scale, like hospitality and tourism. This service can help extend your reach and allow you to engage with a global audience, increasing your brand’s visibility and profits. It will allow you to:

  • Break down language barriers
  • Attract new clients
  • Deliver a great customer experience

It is also important that you choose a professional translation agency that can offer localisation. Significant cultural differences can change not only the meaning of words, but also the image they create. As such, it is essential that you work with a translation agency that has a team of professional translators who can navigate these differences.

Drawing on our cultural and linguistic insights, we will be able to translate your texts in a way that appeals to your target audience while preserving the meaning. This will allow you to:

  • Engage your audience
  • Protect your brand image
  • Deliver a strong entry into your target market

Helping hospitality businesses grow

Specialising in hospitality translations, our native speakers have the knowledge and tools needed to deliver quality translations with quick turnaround times. Whatever the size of your business or project, we can help you grow your company and brand with professional translation and localisation services.

Why you should choose Intertranslations for your hospitality translations

With almost 25 years of experience, our translation company is committed to delivering quality translations that help businesses like yours grow and attract international customers.

We do this by first understanding your goals and brand values. We can then help you plan and implement global translation solutions for any language or market. Offering over 100 language combinations, our certified linguists will help you deliver added value and excellent customer service through clear communication in multiple languages.

Throughout your project, we will follow strict processes to ensure all translations are delivered to a high standard in a timely manner. Certified to ISO 17100:2015 for translation quality, our human, technical and technological resources all undergo strict vetting processes.

We are also certified to ISO 9001:2015 for quality management and ISO 27001:2013 for information security. The result is a comprehensive integrated management system that ensures the quality of our services from start to finish.

How do we charge for a translation?

Prices are not fixed and vary according to language pairs, urgency and volume. In summary we:

  • Quote for each project on a per-word basis, excluding the cost of repetitions;
  • Use specialised translation management tools;
  • Analyse the received files and look for any repeated text to ensure you are only charged once for the translation;
  • Build bespoke glossaries and translation memories, allowing us to cross-check future documents so that we only charge for the translation of the new content;
  • Are ISO 17100 certified and can deliver a certification of accuracy;
  • Have a 5 million GBP indemnity insurance policy that covers our services, which we have never had to use in our 25 years of operation.

Who do we work with?

We help numerous businesses within the hospitality industry who are looking to attract visitors from all over the world. Our list of clients ranges from Sales & Marketing Managers to Website Managers, Operations Managers and Marketing Executives.

With years of experience in managing significant travel and hospitality localisation project, Intertranslations have built a vetted team of experienced linguists. Understanding the cultural nuances involved with your language pair, we can help with projects of any size.

What types of documents do we translate?

With a large team of expert translators specialising in hospitality translation, Intertranslations can help translate all types of marketing materials used by hospitality businesses. From hotels and travel agencies to tourist attractions, here are just some of the documents we can help you translate:

  • Travel guides
  • Tourist literature
  • Advertising brochures
  • Information leaflets
  • Travel documents
  • Hotel websites
  • Social media content
  • Press releases
  • Transactional emails
  • Audio guides
  • Booking apps
  • Newsletters
  • Maps
  • Restaurant menus
  • Catering agreements
  • Safety instructions
  • Accommodation contracts
  • In-room directories
  • Hotel records
  • Reservation documents

Our Translation Solutions

Translation, Editing, Proofreading (with certification if required)

This service includes Translation, Editing and Proofreading by native speakers and subject matter experts. We can also deliver a certification of accuracy according to the quality standard ISO 17100:2015.

Machine Translation Post-Editing

Working with specialist Post-Editors, this service involves editing machine-translated text. Depending on your needs, you can select if you would like to use one Post-Editor, or a Post-Editor and Revisor.

Advanced Machine Translation

We have trained our bespoke neural translation machines using the thousands of pages of text that we have translated over the course of 25 years. Neural machines can recognise similar content and deliver a draft translation.

While there may be errors, this gives you an understanding of the text and may be the ideal solution to save time and budget.

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