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Marketing Translations

We adapt your texts to create powerful marketing materials that resonate with your target audience

Communicating with the world has never been so important. In today’s digital age, multilingual content plays an essential role in breaking down barriers and extending your business’ reach. When done right, you can accurately convey your core message and brand in multiple languages, convincing a global audience to do business with you.

Marketing Translations

Content is at the heart of modern-day marketing strategies, with more and more companies using websites and blogs to demonstrate their expertise. Creating meaningful content helps companies establish their authority within their industry, in turn selling their services and growing their business.

Engage your audience on every level

But effective marketing translation services can have an even bigger impact on growth, allowing you to overcome cultural barriers and eliminate misunderstandings. This means that translation usually goes hand-in-hand with a company’s global marketing strategy, allowing you to connect with new audiences throughout the world.

As such, translating your marketing documents is key to growing a global presence. But it’s not enough to simply translate the text. If you really want to engage your audience, then your content will also need localising so that it appeals to their cultural and stylistic preferences. From marketing campaigns and social media marketing videos to newsletters and product brochures, we can deliver compelling content that engages customers from every background. 

A successful global campaign

Marketing documents are typically the first point of contact for potential customers who discover your business. They play a critical role in shaping your audience’s perception of your brand, and when it comes to marketing, first impressions really do count. This means that global campaigns need a consistent tone of voice that accurately reflects your brand in every language. 

Poorly translated marketing content not only damages your brand’s reputation, but can also lead to missed business opportunities with international customers. That is why in order to navigate a global market, professional marketing translation services are essential for successful global campaigns.

Quality marketing translations require both technical and creative skills, as well as linguistic and cultural expertise. This allows you to localise your content so that it not only reflects your brand, but also engages your audience and connects with them on a cultural level. This ensures the content is appropriate and has the right impact on your audience, helping gain their trust and creating a positive corporate image.

If you have subsidiaries worldwide, then you will need a marketing translation agency that can deliver compelling messages to local customers throughout the global market.

Marketing translation services

As marketing translation specialists, Intertranslations can translate a variety of marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, logos, newsletters, press releases, ebooks and marketing/advertising scripts. We also have business and financial specialists on hand to translate your corporate presentations, white papers and annual reports.

When handling these documents, our marketing translators use a process called transcreation.  Transcreation merges translation with creative writing in order to produce the best marketing translation results. Our marketing services in the UK include:

  • Translation services for targeted marketing and advertising
  • Digital marketing translation services
  • Translation of marketing terms
  • Translation of marketing content 

If your company is looking for marketing translation services in any language, contact Intertranslations. We can deliver fast and high-quality global marketing translation services from and into all European, Asian and Middle Eastern languages.

Market Research Translation

At Intertranslations, we have developed a niche in helping companies gain valuable insights into their local markets through the translation of market research materials. We deliver multilingual market research translation projects for a number of market research agencies and data collection providers in the following industries: 

  • Retail
  • Banking and finance
  • Technology
  • Consumer products
  • Medical

Our market research translation projects include:

  • Quantitative research
  • Consumer/ B2B research
  • Customer and employee satisfaction surveys
  • Brand/ ad testing
  • Qualitative research

Multilingual SEO

Now you have your multilingual content, how do you make sure people can find you?

In addition to marketing translations, we also offer multilingual SEO services by native speakers. These services are essential if you want your web content to accelerate global growth and tap into foreign markets.

Multilingual SEO means optimising your web content so that you appear in all the right searches, increasing visibility and extending your reach. We do this using keywords based on how your target audience searches in different languages, what they search for, and which search engines they use. This gives your multilingual content the best chance of being discovered by people who need your product or service for higher traffic and quality leads.

Multilingual DTP

Communications agencies develop marketing campaigns with compelling brand messages. However, a lot of time and effort is also invested in graphic design. This allows you to create on-brand marketing brochures, promotional materials and catalogues that have a more professional look.

That’s why we offer expert multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) services for both printed and digital documents in any file format. Our in-house team of experienced DTP specialists are on hand and ready to support your project, giving you a professional finish to your translations.

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