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Here, in Intertranslations, we believe that the excellent management of a translation project is one of the key elements of a quality translation. Our staff work closely with you to identify your needs, developing a personalised procedure to meet your specific requirements and deadlines. For this reason, they coordinate our translation teams throughout the translation process, and keep you informed at every stage. We seek to process your translation and localisation projects through constant communication and compliance with mutually agreed results.

Project Approach

At Intertranslations, we believe that excellent project management lies at the heart of superior translations. Our translation professionals work closely with you to develop a process that ensures your exact needs and deadlines. Then, they coordinate the translation team throughout the process and keep you fully informed at every step. Our purpose is to guide your organisation’s translation and localisation projects through unobstructed communication and mutually agreed expectations.

Translation Project Tasks

Intertranslations uses internationally established standards for the execution of translation projects which help our professional translators carry out their tasks on time and deliver high quality results.

Key Responsibilities

With 25 years experience in the translation industry, Intertranslations has outlined in detail the main responsibilities of each department of the specialised translation project management teams. The team tasks go beyond simple translation and include: defining the objectives, identifying the reference issues, creating solution methods, identifying the skills and experience required, defining key performance indicators, and more.

Dedicated Project Team

A successful translation project is the direct result of a specialised project team following a set of processes which include: gathering requirements, proper
planning, implementing quality assurance techniques and systematic quality control.


The InLance production system is based on two decades of experience in managing complicated translation and localisation projects. It has redefined the translation and localisation process by allowing freelance and in-house staff to work at the highest possible standards in a controlled and regulated environment.

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