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Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE)

Combining machines with human expertise for fast and accurate results – ISO 18587:2017 Machine translation post-editing certified

Post-editing is the process of correcting machine-translated content undertaken by human translators. Using our professional Post-Editing services, you get both the advantages of Machine Translation in terms of cost and speed and maintain human translation quality.

Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE)

Machine Translation represents a real breakthrough for the translation industry for many reasons. Most importantly, it ensures faster turnaround times even for large projects at a significantly reduced cost. However, the quality of raw MT output varies depending on the language combination and available sources to train the MT engine used. As a result, Machine Translation per se does not always deliver reliable results.

This is where Post-Editing comes into play. Our team of dedicated TAUS-certified linguists is thoroughly trained in Post-Editing techniques and best practices and highly experienced in applying them to Machine-translated texts to ensure natural-sounding, fluent and reliable results.

The process of MT + PE is particularly suitable for technical texts and even highly specialised content; Machine Translation guarantees consistency in terminology throughout the translated text when drawing on available Translation Memories, while Post-Editing  provides cohesion and coherence, polishes grammar and spelling and takes care of stylistic and wording issues. Plus, Post-edited content can be used for training customised MT engines for your projects, which saves you even more time on future projects and increases consistency.

Depending on our clients’ needs and expected results, we apply two different levels of Post-Editing; either Light or Full.

Light Post-Editing involves minimal corrections by the human post-editor; that is, corrections are limited to those deemed absolutely necessary for the translated text to be comprehensible. This consists in covering major errors, such as grammar and spelling mistakes and correcting significant inaccuracies that could alter the initial meaning or lead to confusion. Only a limited degree of consistency in terminology is provided and no attention is paid to stylistic choices. The final text is delivered fast and manages to convey the original meaning, albeit not in a fluent way.     

Full Post-Editing incorporates all the basics covered by its lighter version, while making all necessary syntactic and stylistic amendments that ensure a natural-sounding result which preserves the source-text’s tone. It is a process that requires more time but produces top-quality results, with consistently and accurately translated terminology and successfully localised content, meant to be read as an original in the target language.

Intertranslations helps you save money and time without having to sacrifice quality. Our company is ISO 17100 Translation Services, ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 18587 Machine Translation Post-Editing certified and specialises in both light and full Post-Editing, having post-edited over 10,000,000 words in more than 50 different language pairs.

After having assessed your needs and listened to your preferences, our team of trained post-editing experts will be able to evaluate MT output and offer you personalised Post-Editing solutions, depending on the language combination and intended use of post-edited text.

Guiding you through every step of the process, we make sure that your post-edited content reflects your own standards, is delivered as fast as possible and successfully gets your message across.

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