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Tapping into Machine Translation

Machine translation technology increases productivity and helps you reach a global audience faster than ever before. Here’s how.

What is Machine Translation?

Machine translation (MT) is an automated translation produced by specialist computer software. Although it once had a poor reputation, advances in machine learning and language technology mean it now plays a key role in the translation process.

Requiring very little human input, this is the fastest way to translate high-volume projects. Combined with post-editing, it can deliver outstanding results at minimum cost.

There are four main types of machine translation:

  • Statistical machine translation (SMT)
  • Rule-based machine translation
  • Hybrid machine translation
  • Neural machine translation (NMT)

MT engines can be trained to translate in any language pair and specialisation, using either statistical data analysis or neural networks. The latter, known as neural machine translation (NMT), produces the highest quality results in multiple target languages and is currently the most popular.

These technological advances in computational linguistics help us meet the growing demand for translation, which is being driven by an increasingly globalised economy. MT software is becoming more sophisticated by the day, delivering high quality output that needs minimal editing from human translators. 

At Intertranslations, we have integrated advanced NMT solutions within our translation services to provide you with high-quality results at a fair cost. By adopting relevant methods and integrating new workflows, we offer our clients cheaper, faster and more reliable translation solutions.

What are the benefits of machine translation?

  1. Increased productivity
    MT is the ideal solution for translating high-volume projects. Descriptive texts such as product and service descriptions produce some of the best results in terms of quality, along with customer service guides, user manuals, marketing materials, technical instructions and other technical documents.
  2. Faster turnaround times
    Speed is one of the main advantages to using MT. Although human translation remains more accurate, MT engines are able to translate large amounts of content instantly. This helps speed up the delivery process greatly.
  3. Lower costs
    Human translation is a demanding and meticulous process, and this is reflected in the final cost. Using MT is an efficient way to get your material translated across multiple languages, while saving an average of 40-60% in terms of cost.
  4. Increased consistency
    Using MT does not have to come at the expense of quality. Customised MT engines can be trained to use specific terminology throughout your material, improving accuracy while ensuring consistency. This is particularly important in high-volume projects, and harder to achieve when working with multiple human linguists.

Our approach

At Intertranslations, we offer professional machine translation services in all European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in the translation industry, we combine a team of highly skilled linguists with the latest technological advances. This way, we can offer faster delivery at a reduced cost while ensuring high-quality results.

Our R&D department specialises in NMT engine creation and training. Their work allows us to produce our own Intertranslations MT output, or we can use yours—whichever best serves your needs depending on the project.

We are always looking for ways to deliver faster turnaround times, enhanced consistency and more affordable translation solutions to our clients. Combining machine translation technology with linguistic expertise, we can help save time and money while still maintaining quality when handling large-volume projects.

Team of experts

Our team is made up of professional translators, engineers and post-editors who systematically evaluate MT outputs. This way, we can make sure we find the best fit for your project.

Customised Solutions

Any necessary amendments are made during the post-editing stage. This not only guarantees fluent and natural sounding translations, but also helps improve MT performance. By using feedback from translated projects to train our engines, we continually optimise and improve our MT output. 

This also allows us to offer customised solutions, training your bespoke MT engine with your own multilingual material. Over time, this leads to more accurate results that require less editing for a lower price.

Top-tier Post-Editing services

By combining machine learning models with our expertise in full post-editing and light post-editing, we deliver fast, high-quality translations at a fair cost every time.

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