Machine Translation

With the power of AI

What is Machine Translation?

Machine Translation is one of the most recent additions to the translation process, enabled by the advances in language technology. It uses software to automatically translate your documents and content from one language to another with virtually no human effort at the translation stage.

MT engines can be trained to translate for any field of specialization, using either statistical data analysis or neural networks. The latter, known as Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is currently the most popular approach, producing high quality results in multiple language combinations.

In this context, Intertranslations has integrated NMT solutions to provide you with top-quality translation results. Technological advances in computational linguistics allow us to meet the growing demand in the translation market, driven by an increasingly globalized economy. MT software is becoming all the more sophisticated and able to produce reliable and accurate translations with only minimal needs for human revision.

Aligning ourselves with these advances, we have adopted relevant methods and integrated new workflows. In this way, Intertranslations is able to meet the needs of its clients for cheaper, faster and more reliable translation solutions.

What are the benefits?

Machine Translation is an Ideal option for businesses looking to translate large amounts of content of a descriptive nature – translations for product and service descriptions, customer service guides, user manuals, technical instructions and other technical documents, as well as marketing material.

Put simply, professional Machine Translation helps you save time and money; it allows you to have your content translated faster, for a lower price and even achieve better quality, as it ensures greater consistency throughout your material when it comes to terminology, using translation memories.

Our approach

Intertranslations’ R&D department specializes in NMT engine creation and training, allowing us to produce our own MT output or use yours to best serve your needs depending on the project. Our team comprises professional translators who systematically evaluate MT outputs and decide on the best fit for your project. Any amendments considered necessary are made at the Post-Editing stage which, not only guarantees fluent and natural sounding translations, but also serves as a means to improve MT performance.

In other words, we use this feedback to constantly train our Machine Translation engines and optimize translation results. This way we can ultimately offer customized solutions, with MT engines trained using your own multilingual material, and produce more accurate results that require less editing for a lower price.

Intertranslations offers professional machine translation services in all European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages, helping clients translate their content faster and reducing associated costs. Combining more than 20 years of experience in the translation industry and a team of highly skilled linguists with latest technological advances, we ensure top quality on all projects.

Our goal is to achieve faster turnaround times, enhance consistency and offer more affordable translation solutions to our clients. For us, Machine Translation is a matter of saving time and money while maintaining quality for larger amounts of content– all by combining Machine Translation, Translation Memories and professional expertise.