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London | Athens | Paris | Delaware, USA

Professional Translations

Our people have the skills, education and training needed to deliver quality translations

Technical translations

We deliver consistent and accurate translations by creating bespoke glossaries for all your technical terms

Legal translations

We have an expert understanding of both your source and target legal systems, not just the language

Financial translations

You can trust us – the European Central Bank does

Life Sciences translations

No room for error or ambiguity

Gambling translations

We have an in-depth knowledge of all the rules, laws and regulations of your target market

NGO and IGO translations

We are official long-term contractors of the United Nations, and are a trusted partner for some of the largest NGOs worldwide


Established in 1996, Intertranslations is a leading international translation service provider with offices in London, Athens, and Paris. Our expertise lies in the legal, financial, life sciences, sports betting, manufacturing and marketing sectors, as well as government, public services and NGOs/IGOs.

Our clients in the private sector range from leading international firms and global financial institutions to SMEs. We are also an official contractor of the European Parliament, European Commission, European Court of Justice, European Central Bank, European Medicines Agency, and the United Nations.

Accredited with ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management, ISO 17100:2015 for Translation Services and ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security, we deliver quality services every time. We have also been certified by the UK Government’s Cyber Security Essentials Scheme, meeting requirements for cyber security against risk from online threats. Our services are covered by a Professional Indemnity Insurance for added peace of mind.

We know that time, money, and quality matter most to you, which is why we have developed a range of translation solutions that deliver all three.


Are you looking for a professional translator in a specific language pair? If so, we have a wide network of linguists ready to deliver quality translation services in any language.Covering all European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages, we also work across a variety of different sectors. From life sciences, legal, and banking, to IT and manufacturing, we have an expert linguist ready to help.

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For the adaptation of product information leaflets, marketing brochures or multilingual websites in multiple languages, our company uses the localisation method. Localisation involves changing even more to adhere to cultural norms and linguistic adaptations of the target audience. Localisation can be accomplished from an original source text and it requires an in-depth knowledge of terminology of the target language as well as a thorough knowledge of a country’s customs and culture.

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Machine translation (MT) or automatic translation is a raw translation produced entirely by a computer program. A human translator will only step in to correct errors during an additional post-editing phase, which takes place after the machine has completed the translation. This is different to computer-assisted translation, which is where a translator actively interacts with the machine.Advanced machine translation (AMT) can provide instant translations, giving you a quick understanding of large texts in multiple language pairs. Since the turn of the century, online MT has come a long way thanks to natural language processing. By having computers and humans interact using natural language, machines can experience deep learning.

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Intertranslations provides full post editing as well as light post editing services. A post editor amends a machine-generated translation to make the translation understandable, accurate, and grammatically correct. Light post-editing covers major errors in grammar and meaning, with little to no regard for the overall style or tone. Full post-editing produces high quality results, equal to human translation and comparable to TEP with a bit more time invested. In addition, we also perform a thorough proofreading of your texts alongside the official translator in order to produce quality corrected text.

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In today’s competitive digital environment, standing out from the crowd is no easy task. Thus, multilingual SEO constitutes an integral part of any successful marketing strategy and it applies to all businesses that wish to expand their activity beyond national borders by building a multi-language website. Investing in multilingual SEO along with translating your content constitutes an important strategic opportunity. It allows you to target each foreign-speaking audience more effectively by using the right SEO techniques to improve your search engine ranking in each linguistic version of your website.

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When it comes to approaching new audiences and global markets from different language communities, simply translating your ads might not do the trick; in order to effectively reach local markets around the world and achieve your business objectives you need to implement a Google Ads localisation strategy.

The reason is that the success of your Google Ads campaign relies heavily on using the right keywords to appeal to your target audience. Keywords are specific to each individual market into which you are launching your Google Ads campaign, not just each language. Local language variations are reflected in the way users perform their online searches. In order to reach different audiences you need to use the right keywords – that is, not only translated into their native language, but also localised according to audience-specific searches.

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Intertranslations provides Multilingual Desktop Publishing in a multitude of languages for books, brochures, catalogues, advertising material, reports and manuals. An expert in-house team combines a fast turnaround time with optimised high-quality service. The company supports most commercial applications in both Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS environments.

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to meet your needs based on a value for money approach

Translation, Editing & Proofreading

This service includes translation, editing and proofreading by native speakers and subject matter experts. Following ISO 17100:2015 standards, we offer all our clients a Certificate of Accuracy if required. This verifies that the translations we produce are accurate, complete and true.


Our specialist team of post-editors use advanced machine translation software to produce a draft translation. They will then edit and revise the machine-translated text for accuracy and fluency.

Depending on your needs, you can choose whether you would like one post-editor, or a team of both a post editor and a revisor. Not sure? Get in touch and we can advise on what would be the best option for you.

Advanced Machine Translation

We have trained our neural translation machines on a variety of specialist subject areas. Using thousands of translations created over the course of 25 years, our machines are able to recognise similar content and produce a draft translation with impressive results.

Although this can lack the fluency and sensitivity of a human linguist, this is a cost-effective solution that saves on time.



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