Translation services to a broad range of industries


We deliver translation solutions to numerous clients across multiple industries globally:

  • Legal Translation Services
  • Financial Translation Services
  • Marketing Translation Services
  • Translations for Government and Public Sector
  • Software and Games Localisation
  • Industrial and Engineering Translation Services
  • Energy and Environmental Translation Services
  • Life Sciences Translation Services
  • Automotive Translation Services

Legal Translations

Intertranslations provides accurate, reliable and top quality legal translation services.

Legal translation experts

Our expert legal translators have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the legal services industry and only translate into their mother tongue, ensuring 100% accuracy and integrity of the translated document. Our legal translations teams are well-acquainted with US law and regulations, international legislation and institutions. From the translation of litigation cases to legal terms translation services, Intertranslations will cover all of your relevant needs.

Financial Translations

We know that there is no margin for error in translating financial documents, and urgency doesn’t mean a compromise on quality. Intertranslations delivers reliable, integrated translation solutions to banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and asset managers worldwide, around the clock. Our company has developed strong industry expertise and proudly provides ISO-approved systems and processes that guarantee security and accuracy for your financial terms translation services.

Marketing Translations

Marketing translation services include much more than just simply a translation of marketing terms. International companies seek a marketing translation agency that can globalise their marketing communication across all markets and deliver a strong marketing message that appeals to clients locally. Marketing translation is uniquely both technical and creative.

As marketing translations specialists, Intertranslations can translate marketing materials including: brochures, flyers, slogans, logos, company presentations, press releases, ebooks, marketing scripts, and advertising scripts.

Government and Public Sector

Intertranslations has the long-standing expertise and know-how to manage any translation relating to government and public sector documentation. Covering a broad spectrum, ranging from local self-government to national level and up to that of the European Union, its translations enable the government sector to effectively communicate with minority groups, communities, business entities and associations, thereby providing the general public with information on national, EU and local governmental matters.

Software and Games Localisation

The software localisation sector is particularly exciting for translators and attractive to developers. Translators have the opportunity to transfer a complete experience in the culture of the users while developers come into contact with new target markets.

The high-tech tools and certified procedures that Intertranslations uses for websites, mobile applications, games and documentation place it at the forefront of software localisation.

Industrial and Engineering Translations

Intertranslations’ experience in manufacturing translations has been built over 20 years of projects for the largest companies in the world, making us the ideal partner for any translation need.

Companies active in the industrial and construction sectors perfectly organise their supply chain, and translations are no exception. Intertranslations translates information into communication in order for our clients to be competitive globally.

Energy and Environmental Translations

Intertranslations provides exceptional translations in the fields of energy and environment due to the translation skills, subject knowledge and specialized technical expertise of its translators. Each energy and environmental translation project is carried out by translators who are native speakers of the target language into which a text is translated, as well as being experts on the terminology used by environmental agencies and companies in the energy sector.

Life Sciences Translations

Intertranslations has dealt extensively with medical and pharmaceutical translations and is a very reputable name in the field. Translators and editors of Intertranslations specializing in life sciences translations possess the necessary knowledge and skills to provide accurate and effective translations.


Intertranslations has extensive terminology expertise, required by leading automotive manufacturers to describe industry specific mechanical and electronic systems, methods and processes; as used by engineers, technicians, dealers, suppliers and customers. We are able to translate into all commercial languages.