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Multilingual Copywriting

Enhance your brand’s voice

Setting up a successful multi-language website begins with content. You want to present your business not only in a language that foreign users can understand, but also in a way that speaks to them. Investing in professional multilingual copywriting services can help you stand out in today’s increasingly competitive globalized market with original, creative and high-quality content. Quality content is also the first step to optimizing your website’s performance and ranking on search engine results. This process, which is referred to as SEO, is what brings more organic traffic to your page. And having fluent, well-written content is a necessary condition for achieving in it.

Why use professional copywriting services?

A professional copywriter is able to produce text that is more than just informative. They can help you build trust with your customers and partners and, most importantly, build your brand’s unique voice. In other words, copywriting enhances branding by consistently building your business’s distinctive communicative style. Intertranslations collaborates with skilled copywriters that carefully assess your brand’s image and produce customized content that speaks to your own target audience. They can do so by conducting research to make sure that your website stands out from the competition and clearly conveys all that your company stands for. In other words, your website’s copy should reflect the quality of your services and successfully attract the readers’ attention – for the right reasons. impeccable grammar and text structure is a given when you go for professional copywriting, combined with marketing writing techniques that can help you achieve your business goals.

But copywriting is not just about words. Indeed, a detailed and eloquent or simply catchy presentation of your products and services can make your brand more appealing to your audience. But multilingual copywriting serves another important purpose and that is facilitating your company’s SEO strategy. For this reason, our copywriters always adopt a SEO-friendly approach. Working closely with our marketing experts, they perform keyword research using sophisticated tools to improve your website’s search engine ranking. High-quality content and better ranking means that you get a better return on investment.

Multilingual copywriting or translation?

When it comes to running a multi-language website, opting for multilingual copywriting services instead of translation presents important benefits. Although professional translation services are highly reliable and the texts they produce read naturally as originals, multilingual copywriting gives you the chance to obtain culture-specific texts with less processing involved. That is, less need for proofreading and localization, as copywriters who are native in your target language are familiar with important cultural aspects and able to naturally incorporate them in an original text. The goal is to have the right tone and cultural references that will appeal to different audiences around the world.

Our approach to multilingual copywriting takes these facts into account. Different business needs call for different services and we, as language experts, are able to propose the right solutions according to yours. We guarantee that your request will be handled by a native copywriter and that results will be tailored to your professional objectives.

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