Information on Translation

You can find any information about your translation here!

Information on Translation

Here, you can find information on any type of translation.

Whether you want to translate a page, a diploma, longer texts or get some information on prices and the translators of your projects, we can answer all your questions!


If you are looking for translators or interpreters to translate to and from any language, you may directly contact one of our specialised consultants in Intertranslations. Intertranslations boasts highly skilled consultants and the technical know-how to deliver the results expected by our clients.

Translation Prices

Translation costs are calculated based on the number of words to be translated from the original text (source text). Prices may vary depending on the language combination.

The final cost is determined and sent as a quote in writing, after we have received and analysed the entire translation project, and the delivery time has been agreed.

Page Translation Services

Intertranslations can translate for you any text you want.

Established in 1996, Intertranslations delivers low-cost, fast, quality translations of any text in any foreign language, specialising in technical, legal, financial, marketing, education, and medical translation in all European and Asian languages.

Text Translation Services

You can translate any text written in any other language, including phrases, paragraphs, and separate words, or translate your entire file through the certified services we provide.

Confidentiality is our main priority, and we take all necessary security measures to that end. We respect your privacy and we handle both your personal and business documents with prudence and professionalism.

Translating Diplomas

Intertranslations is specialised in the reliable translation of diplomas, CVs and certificates. We may also validate these texts.

Boasting an experience of more than 20 years in the translation industry, we translate to more than 70 languages, and we can guarantee the best value-for-money services and the best possible delivery time.

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