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NGO – Non Profit Organisations Translations

We are official long-term contractors of the United Nations, and are a trusted partner for some of the largest NGOs worldwide

At Intertranslations we can help you find the best way to reach your target audience.

Communicating with overseas staff and volunteers in their native languages is a key issue for both non governmental organisations (NGO) and intergovernmental organisations (IGO). IGOs are international organisations that have been created through a treaty, involving two or more nations working together towards a common goal.

From poverty, hunger and human rights to gender discrimination, child labour and trafficking, these organisations fight for global causes. This means that the messages of NGOs and IGOs need to reach a global audience.

Your trusted partner for NGO translation services

For nearly 25 years, Intertranslations has worked with numerous NGOs and charitable organisations as a trusted partner for translation services. We work with a team of translators specialising in translations for non-profit organisations, translating across a wide range of language pairs. This includes working between Asian and African languages, such as Dari, Farsi, and Kurdish Sorani (Arabic script), Kurdish Kurmanji (Latin script) and Yoruba.

Actively promoting Humanitarian Aid, International Cooperation, Sustainable Development, Education, Environment, Public Health, Nutrition, Poverty, Human Rights, Gender Equality, Gender-Based Violence, Social Inclusion, Safeguarding, Migration, Asylum and Protection, Peacebuilding, Global justice, and Freedom of speech across the globe, NGOs have entrusted us with all their translating needs.

From environmental matters, animal welfare and water storage, to climate change, migrant empowerment, and education, we use professional, native translators specialising in each of these different areas and in your fields of interest:

  • Peace and Security
  • Combating Sexual Violence in Conflict
  • Promoting Development
  • Alleviating Rural Poverty
  • African Development
  • Women’s Well-being
  • Laying the Groundwork for Business
  • Fighting Hunger
  • Improving Global Trade
  • Promoting Economic Reform
  • Protecting and Support of Children
  • Literacy and Education
  • Preserving Historic, Cultural, Architectural and Natural Sites
  • Civilisation and Culture
  • Human Rights
  • Fostering Democracy
  • Self-determination and Independence
  • Women’s Rights
  • Combating violence against women
  • Promoting Decent Work
  • Promoting Press Freedom and Freedom of Expression
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Improving the Plight of Indigenous People
  • Climate change
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Safe Drinking Water
  • Strengthening International Law
  • Helping to Resolve Major International Disputes
  • World’s Oceans
  • Food to the Neediest
  • Reproductive and Maternal Health
  • Eliminating HIV/AIDS
  • Wiping Out Polio
  • Eradicating Smallpox
  • Fighting Tropical Diseases
  • Halting the Spread of Epidemics
  • Universal Immunisation
  • Vaccination
  • Reducing Child Mortality
  • Protecting Consumers’ Health
  • Trafficking and modern slavery

NGOs, IGOs and Charities rely on us to translate a wide range of document types, in their field of interest, including:

  • Operational guidelines
  • Audiobooks
  • Presentations
  • Reports
  • Guidance notes
  • Internal regulations
  • Document templates

Signatory of the UN Global Compact

Intertranslations is a signatory of the UN Global Compact. As such, we have incorporated its Ten Principles throughout all our company strategies, policies, and procedures.

With a set of core values centred around human rights, labour standards, the environment, and anti-corruption, we are making a conscious effort to establish a culture of integrity. We take our corporate responsibility seriously, and are proud to be taking steps towards sustainability, doing our bit to make the world a better place.

In recognition of the noble work that NGOs do, we offer special discounts and yearly rebates.

At Intertranslations, we can help you overcome any of the challenges you face by delivering accurate, high-quality translations.

Are you a part of an NGO requiring a centralised system for translations?

We offer a simple solution to all your translation needs. Right at the start of our partnership, you will be assigned a Single Point of Contact (SPOC). Dedicated to working with you, they will handle all your requests, queries and comments regarding your translations, invoices, and deliveries.

Your organisation will also be given a dedicated Intertranslations email account. This will give you a secure, direct line to our team, improving the correspondence flow by allowing all parties involved to be updated at once.

Do you need NGO translations in Asian and African languages, such as Dari, Farsi, Kurdish Sorani (Arabic script), Kurdish Kurmanji (Latin script), and Yoruba?

Over the course of 25 years, we have put together dedicated linguistic teams who are bilingual in a range of language pairs. Our translators are fully aware of how important it is for your translations to retain the full impact of your message.

Are you spending too much time on corrections and editing? Would you rather have the quality assured by subject matter experts and native translators?

  • We deliver files that are ready to be published.
  • Following ISO 17100:2015 standards, we offer all our clients a Certificate of Accuracy if needed. This verifies that the translations we produce are accurate, complete, and true.
  • We offer Translation, Editing and Proofreading (T.E.P) by teams of native speakers and subject matter experts. This means your translation will go through multiple stages of quality control to ensure the highest quality.
  • We have developed our very own quality assurance process and will never deliver a project that contains errors or discrepancies. Respecting our clients and their needs, we only deliver quality work.

Do you need to translate complex documents using various programs, such as InDesign, PowerPoint, and PDF?

Our in-house graphic designers have the expertise needed to handle the layout and formatting of your documents. We offer our desktop publishing (DTP) services to clients free of charge and can work with almost any type of document.

Concerned about confidentiality?

We take security very seriously. We are ISO 27001:2013, Cyber Essentials Certified and GDPR compliant. All our staff, both internal and freelancers, sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).


Indicative Documents

The following are types of documents that we frequently translate:

  • Presentations
  • Internal communication
  • Best practices
  • Reports
  • Brochures
  • Internal procedures and processes
  • Financial statements
  • Annual reports
  • Legal documents and Policies

If you want to know how we can help you take advantage of our expertise in NGO’S translations just click on the link below:

Translation Solutions we offer you

Translation, Editing & Proofreading

Α certificate of accuracy accompanies the deliverables certifying that we are ISO 17100:2015 compliant, that we use translators’ native in the target language and subject matter experts

This service includes Translation, Editing and Proofreading


This service includes Advanced Machine Translation and then Editing of the machine-translated text by specialised Post Editors

Depending on your needs you can select light or full. Light PE is delivered by one Post Editor, Full PE is post edited and then Revised. Full can be published.

Advanced Machine Translation

We have trained neural translation machines using the thousand hundreds pages of text that we have translated in over 25 years. Neural machines can recognise similar content (e.g. legal, technical, etc.) and provide a draft translation, which, even though not fully grammatically or terminologically correct, it still may be the perfect solution to save time and budget.

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