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NGO – Non Profit Organisations Translations

Success stories

Success Stories

A presentation to be published in three major European languages

Our client:The world’s leading independent charity organisation for children, currently active in around 120 countries

Language pairs:English into French, Portuguese and Spanish

Key persons: Project coordinator, Migration and Displacement Initiative team

Type of documents:Presentations and reports

Tools and software:PDF, InDesign, and PowerPoint

Volume:831 pages

Delivery time:27 working days

Intended audience:Volunteers, donors, governments

Key challenges:

  • Extremely tight deadline for a high-quality translation with review
  • Complex source documents featuring non-editable images with text to be translated
  • A variety of tools needed to handle different documents
  • Accuracy and consistency across all document types


We set up 2 teams for each language, with each team comprising 4 linguists, 1 reviser and a subject matter expert.

The project was delivered on time and a Certification of Accuracy was provided following ISO 17100:2015 standards.

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