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White Paper

Translation and Localisation Strategies for Sports Betting and Casino Games Websites

A Special Focus on Glossaries and Language Variations

This white paper aims to provide a thorough understanding of the critical role of translation and localization in the sports betting and casino games industry, focusing on glossaries and language variations. It guides industry stakeholders in implementing effective strategies to meet diverse global market demands.

White Paper

How to Choose the Right Language Service Provider

A complete checklist of selection criteria

In today’s global business landscape, effective multilingual communication has emerged as a vital tool for expanding market reach and tapping into new territories. From websites and user manuals to mobile applications, the ability to cater to diverse linguistic audiences can significantly enhance a company’s potential customer base…


Livestock and Agriculture: Translating for Growth

Dive into our specialized translation services tailored for the livestock and agriculture industry. Discover how our expert linguistic solutions can help your agricultural business thrive in a global market.


IP and Legal Translations: Your Reliable Ally

Explore our brochure on dependable translation services for intellectual property and legal documents. Find out how our precision and expertise can be your asset in navigating complex legal landscapes.


Mastering Sports Betting & Gambling Translations

Uncover the secrets to high-quality translations in the dynamic world of sports betting and gambling. Learn how our services can enhance the accuracy and appeal of your gaming content.


Medical Devices: Translations Aligned with EU Regulations

Delve into our comprehensive guide on translations that adhere to REGULATION (EU) 2017/745 and IVDR (EU) 2017/746. Understand how our accurate and up-to-date services ensure compliance in the medical devices industry.


Translation Meets Tourism: Crafting Multilingual Experiences

Embark on a journey through our translation services where marketing meets language expertise. Discover how we bridge language barriers in tourism, creating engaging and culturally nuanced content.

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