Supporting Services

More than just translation!

Supporting Services

Besides the core translation, localisation and interpretation services, Intertranslations provides all relevant supporting services at the same high level.

Intertranslations is the one-stop shop for all language services related needs, for customers of any kind: from the well-informed individual to the demanding multinational.

Editing and copywriting

At Intertranslations, optimal quality is ensured by professional reviewers, editors and copywriters.

Linguistic excellence, knowledge and intrinsic critical thinking ensure the production of final translation texts adapted to project requirements and aim to comply with translation standards, thus enabling us to achieve customer satisfaction.

In the process of editing, the objective is to ensure the end quality of the text is achieved through the following stages:

• Spelling, grammar, punctuation and content check

• Conformity and accuracy of expression inspection

• Compliance with clients’ standards

• Rewriting, where necessary, of the translated text

• Review with regards to legal issues that may arise due to the nature of the text.

Graphic design

Intertranslations provides graphic design services for corporate and public sector clients. Guided by the client’s budget and deadline, we can advise on the most cost-effective and time efficient graphic solutions.

Our graphic designers, technology specialists, translators and editors work together to ensure that the unique features of each language are observed in terms of their distinct rules and linguistic particularities, proposing solutions which fully harmonise the text with the target-market culture.

Through our customised research strategy, Intertranslations contributes to the success of clients’ global marketing campaigns, producing the necessary input to suit the target-market culture. Years of experience ensure our complete understanding of the importance of multilingual corporate communication. We combine visual and verbal expertise to retain the image and context of the original message.

Within this framework, the company produces multilingual:

• Books
• Brochures
• Advertising material
• Promotional material
• Catalogues
• Corporate reports
• Newsletters
• Multimedia presentations
• Manuals

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Intertranslations provides Multilingual Desktop Publishing in a multitude of languages for books, brochures, catalogues, advertising material, reports and manuals. An expert team combines a fast turnaround time with optimised high quality service.

During the Desktop Publishing process, our team extracts the source language text from existing electronic files and replaces it with the translated language text while, at the same time, maintaining the original message in a format appropriate to the target market.

The company supports most commercial applications in both Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS environments, such as:

DTP software
• Microsoft Office Suite
• Open Office
• QuarkXpress
• InDesign
• Framemaker

Vector software)
• Illustrator

Graphics software
• Photoshop
• Adobe Acrobat

Additionally, Intertranslations meets the client’s Desktop Publishing needs in:

• binding
• electronic labelling
• coding
• Electronic Data Discovery (EDD)
• high volume copying
• document fulfillment and distribution
• imaging
• high quality printing