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Financial Translations

Success stories

Important volume translation project for the financial industry from English to French

Owner of the project: a Multinational company with HQ in Sweden that needed to translate financial documents for a renewable energy tender in a foreign country

Key persons: project managers, engineers, financial departments

Type of documents: Financial reports of the last 4 years- approx. 80 pages each

Volume: 128 000 words

Delivery time: 16 working days to receive the hard copies

Intended audience: Commission de Régulation de l’Energie

Critical issues:

  • Deadline
  • High quality
  • Different number format
  • Sworn translation according to the requirements of the Commission de Régulation de l’Energie and of the French Public Market Administration (stamp from an official court)


  • Creation of teams of sworn translators and revisors
  • Linguists chosen with the aid of vendor managers to find the best suited linguists
  • Control by the project manager to ensure the project gets done on time
  • Proofreading and revision
  • The project was delivered on time for the tender with a certified translation of high quality

The challenge

In this case, the company wanted to translate their financial reports and budget documentation to participate in a French tender in the public market. The translation project was voluminous and required to be translated by a translator sworn in a French Court of Appeal. It also had a strict deadline and required a very precise knowledge of the language but also the industry, its terminology and its syntax (numbers, order of elements on financial documents). It was a financial project of 128 000 words and only the highest quality of translation was expected.

The solution

Intertranslations gathered every means possible to make sure we would deliver on time and with the best quality possible.

We worked with our Desktop Publishing department to convert files from Scanned PDFs into editable files and vice versa. We also created a customised team of 3 translators sworn in a French Court of Appeal. We have a very strict process regarding subcontractors’ selection available upon request.

Our account manager who is specialised in this field and Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) communicated often with the client.

The team and their work were regularly controlled to ensure we meet the deadline.


We have many safety nets to guarantee delivery on time

In this project

  1. All sworn translators chosen had worked together in many similar projects in the past
  2. Since the deadline was strict and the hard copies were required by the client, we selected the sworn linguists to be residents of the city of the clients΄ offices.
  3. We had one more sworn linguist on hold just in case one of them was unexpectedly unable to deliver.
  4. Due to the fact that we have offices in France and a deep knowledge of the French administration, our legal department found an error in the description of the bid invitation that could lead the client to be rejected.

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