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Financial Translations

Recent challenging projects

Learn how we helped our client by creating sworn translations for the financial documents of their legal documants.

Recent Challenging Project

Our client: A French law firm specialising in insurance claims

Language pairs: German into French

Key persons: Lawyers

Type of documents: Administrative documents, financial reports of the last 2 years, insurance certificates

Tools and software: Scanned and signed PDFs

Volume: 125 pages of PDF files containing 38,000 words

Delivery time: 7 calendar days

Intended audience: French insurance administration

Key challenges:

  • Client required translations by a sworn translator affiliated with a French Court of Appeal
  • Strict deadline for a high quality translation
  • Accuracy and consistency of the appropriate terminology
  • Knowledge of the legal systems for both the source and target languages
  • Guaranteed delivery times


With offices in Paris and an extensive network of sworn translators, we had all the human resources we needed to find the right translators for this project. We set up a team of three sworn linguists, selecting one of them to take the lead. By appointing a lead translator, we were able to ensure consistency in terminology across all of their work.

Our in-house team also have an in-depth knowledge of the French administrative system, which meant we were able to draw on their expertise to ensure that we delivered high-quality translations. Before sending the documents over to our client, we ran our usual quality checks to make sure there were no discrepancies and ensure that everything was completed to the highest standards.

By carefully selecting our team of experienced sworn translators, we were able to deliver this project on time. We also provided our client with a Certification of Accuracy, ensuring that the translation was completed according to ISO 17100:2015 standards.

How do we guarantee delivery times?

In order to guarantee timely delivery, we put several safety nets in place at each stage of your project. The precautions we take will vary depending on the individual situation.

For this particular project, we made sure to have one more sworn translator on hold. This meant that if any of our chosen linguists were suddenly unable to deliver, we would have another suitable translator ready to pick up the project and deliver on time.

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