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Manufacturing and Engineering Translations – Recent challenging projects

We deliver consistent and accurate translations by creating bespoke glossaries for all your technical terms

Recent Challenging Projects

High-volume, certified translation project ready for publication.

Our client: A Finnish company manufacturing and servicing power sources and other equipment in the marine and energy markets

Language pairs: English into French

Key persons: Production and plant managers

Type of documents: Technical instructions and user manuals

Tools and software: MADCAP, AutoCAD and InDesign

Volume: 25 PDF files containing 6,127 pages with a total of 1,532,000 words

Delivery time: 2 months

Intended audience: In-house personnel engineers and production staff, as well as customers

Key challenges:

  • High-quality, certified translations
  • Accuracy and consistency of the appropriate terminology
  • Complex source documents with complex images containing text that needed to be translated
  • Organising files while using a variety of different software tools
  • Guaranteed delivery times


We set up two separate teams of four linguists, also assigning one reviser to each team and a subject matter expert. Our expert liaised with both our teams and our client’s key contacts, ensuring that we used accurate terminology throughout the translations.

At the start of the project, we also tasked our team with creating a term base to add to our specialist translation management tools. Whenever the reviser ran a quality check, the software would pick out any discrepancies between the translation and the term base. This made sure that the terminology we used stayed consistent.

By putting together teams of translators, we were able to deliver this high-volume project on time. We also provided our client with a Certification of Accuracy, ensuring that the translation was completed according to ISO 17100:2015 standards.

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Translation Project for Internal Use

Our client: A UK-based company offering multi-disciplinary CAD Services

Language pairs: Danish into English

Key persons: Technical Director and engineers

Type of documents: Technical Drawings, DWG, DXF and MSDS

Tools and software: MADCAP, AutoCAD, InDesign and PDF

Volume: 198,000 words in PDF files and 36 files of SDS and Technical Drawings, with a total of 660 pages

Delivery time: 2 days

Intended audience: In-house personnel engineers and production staff

Critical issues:

  • Time sensitive
  • Restricted budget


Given the high volume of documents and urgent deadline, we provided our client with our Advanced Machine Translation solution.

Using past projects completed by human translators, our neural translation machines have been trained on a variety of specialist subject areas. While the results can lack the sensitivity of a human linguist, they still produce impressive results. This is a cost-effective solution that saves on time, which was ideal for this particular project.

When then delivered the translation in Word format, so that our client’s internal revisers could check through the documents and make any amendments needed. The result was a high-volume project delivered within two working days on a restricted budget, covering all of our client’s needs.

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