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Manufacturing and Engineering Translations – Success stories

We deliver consistent and accurate translations by creating bespoke glossaries for all your technical terms

A Story of Success

Complex Translation Project: Tender translations for internal use, and bid proposal translations for an expert audience.

Learn how we helped a multinational construction company win a multi-million tender in another continent.

Our client: A multinational construction company based in Europe.

Language pairs: Latin American Spanish into English, and vice-versa.

Description: Our client was looking to participate in a tender for the construction and operation of a large power plant using natural gas.

Published by public authorities in Latin America, they first needed to understand more about the tender. Since this was for internal use, we began working on the translation of the tender documents while also putting together a quick, draft-quality translation. This helped give our client a general idea of the project while waiting for their final document.

Once our customer had all the project details, they decided to go ahead and participate in the tender. In order to do so, they needed our help translating their proposal documents, and all the required files needed to be ready for submitting to an expert audience in just 30 calendar days.

Key people: Bid manager, legal counsellors, financial experts and engineers.

Type of documents: Tender documents, including legal, financial and engineering documents.

Volume: 577 pages in hard copies and PDF scans.

Delivery time: 

  • Tender documents: Draft quality in 5 working days, with the final translation in 22 working days
  • Proposal: 30 calendar days

Target audience: 

  • Tender documents: Bid manager, legal counsellors, financial experts and engineers, who were all English speakers
  • Proposal: Latin American public officials, lawyers, financial experts and engineers, who were all native in Latin American Spanish

Key challenges:

  • Producing a draft quality translation alongside a high-quality one
  • Ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the appropriate terminology
  • Handling source documents in a mixture of hard copies and scanned PDFs, including complex images with text that also needed translating
  • Meeting strict deadlines based on the client’s submission date and time restrictions
  • Absolute secrecy and total confidentiality restrictions resulting in cyber-security measures


First, we needed to find a way of handling the hard copies for the tender. We assigned this task to our in-house team of graphic designers, who were able to use their expertise to extract the text from the signed and scanned documents. Once they had extracted the text, we could send this on to our linguistic team.

This was a complex project, and both the tender and proposal involved three separate specialist areas— legal, financial and technical. With this in mind, the best solution was to put together dedicated teams of three translators and one revisor. Each team was made up by subject matter experts qualified in their field of expertise.

We were also working to tight deadlines based on calendar days rather than working days. Our linguistic teams pulled out all the stops to help our client with their tight deadlines, working around the clock to ensure everything was delivered on time.

Since we were working with a large number of documents, we then asked our client to send us batches of their proposal in English. This allowed us to create a steady flow of partial deliveries for the translated and formatted documents in Latin American Spanish. Our main tool was Word, and we also used InDesign and Visio. 

By working in teams and creating a steady delivery flow, we were able to meet our client’s deadline. This left them with 15 calendar days to review their proposal before their submission date. During this time, we worked with them to make any minor amendments, and the proposal was successfully submitted on time.

Happy ending: 

One year after the submission, our client got in touch to let us know that they won the tender! We were thrilled to hear their wonderful news, and continue to work with them as they undergo this exciting new project.

Looking for translation specialists in legal, financial and technical documents? Get in touch today and let’s start your own success story.

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