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Whether it is physical or online, casino translations require particular attention as there are specificities to take into consideration.

The gaming industry is subject to strict laws and regulations. In some countries, it is even forbidden to gamble and bet if not under very strict supervision.

To make sure clients will thrive in their target markets, there are a few elements for a translation agency to bear in mind when working on a project. Intertranslations summarized the 5 best practices when it comes to online casino translation:

1. Localization

When it comes to online casinos and the gaming industry, translation does not suffice. Since content is produced on a customer base, it is necessary to do deep marketing localization.

But what is it? Basically, localization consists of adapting content to a defined language or culture. To do so, it is necessary that the translators and proofreaders are native speakers to ensure that they master the language of the different target markets and all the intricacies.

The marketing content through its different forms (ads, campaigns, posters) will then be personalized. A marketing content adapted to the target audience will maximize the level of trust players will put in the gaming website.

2. Knowledge and experience in the industry (to master the specific terminology)

Knowledge and experience are required in online gaming translation. Indeed, online gambling and betting use very specific terms that only expert translators are familiar with. Depending on the target market, language and country, differences between systems exist and must be taken into consideration in a translation project. Moreover, in terms of rules or marketing trends, there are many changes in the online gaming industry. To be sure that the translation will be of high quality and high accuracy, the translator must be a subject matter expert with experience in relevant sectors.

3. Compliance

A professional translation of high quality must be compliant with applicable laws and regulations of the target market, and more specifically the target country. Compliance is a very important part in the gambling and betting industry. A casino website translation or a betting website translation must be carefully dealt with since a fallible translation service might lead to severe legal consequences. In this sense, elements such as terms and conditions must be very accurate to prevent any litigation.

4. Attention to details

A qualitative translation must be made by an expert translator who is a native speaker of the target language as well as a subject matter expert. The translator must pay particular attention to details as there is high competition in the industry and the translation must be accurate and consistent. Using a glossary is helpful to keep the consistency of the translation and to check for any discrepancies

5. Different platforms

Finally, an experienced translator in the online gambling industry must know the different platforms are used, whether it is a gambling website, casinos websites, phone apps, Google ads, TV commercials, posters. The subject matter expert must understand the marketing strategies according to each platform to provide a translation that will not change the original message.

At Intertranslations, we make sure to implement the best practices that will lead to the success of your business.

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Online casino, sports betting, online gambling… the gaming industry is a diverse nest.

The gambling industry has many particularities when it comes to translating content. To translate documents related to this industry, knowledge and experience are more than necessary.

The specificities of translating in the gambling industry

No matter the language combinations and the target market, the industry requires close attention as it consists of various elements such as different file formats or different content that need to be translated when reaching international markets.

Here are 5 elements a translator has to pay particular attention to:

1. Licenses

Different rules reign over different systems. As a professional translator, it is necessary to have enough knowledge and experience in the gaming industry to know of the laws and regulations as they depend on the target market and on the target country.

A few countries might speak the same language but they might have very different regulations when it comes to gambling and betting. Since there are no universal systems, it is important to choose a translation agency that will provide your accurate translation services and thus protect your licensing.

2. Compliance

When dealing with gaming matters, whether it is for the company or the translator, there is a legal part that cannot be excluded. This is the compliance. In order to be implemented into a new market, it is necessary to make sure that a business is law compliant.

Therefore, the translator has to be very careful and must have enough legal knowledge to provide an accurate and professional translation that will be law compliant (e.g. in line with the Protection of Human Life and Fortune, terms and conditions) and prevent potential litigation.

3. Localization

In the case of the gaming industry, a simple translation is not sufficient. The marketing content is customer-focused and must convey a feeling of trust for a customer to decide to engage with a particular company or game. The language services must not only offer translation services, but also localization services.

Localization is a type of translation that consists of adapting a service or a product to a certain group, language or culture. In order to do so, translators must be native speakers and subject matter experts to master the target language, as well as the cultural aspects that will strongly influence the website and marketing material in different formats (Google ads, posters, TV commercials).

4. Accuracy and consistency

The gambling industry has a very specific terminology. A translation agency must provide an accurate translation and guarantee consistency throughout the whole translation process. Using a glossary with the different terms is a way to make sure the translator stays consistent when translating.

But a few challenging questions can arise. How to translate a specific term ? Do we keep the same word in two different languages ? Which alphabet to use ?

This was the case for the expression “cash out” in betting games. For instance, Bulgarian gaming websites kept the term and wrote it in the Cyrillic alphabet, whereas Greek websites have kept it in the Latin alphabet.

Working with a subject matter expert who masters these specific terms in his or her mother tongue is the best way to prevent linguistic and cultural mistakes in the translated content.

5. Different file formats

Translation in the gaming industry implies working with different file formats as there are different gaming platforms. For example, the content that has to be translated (for websites, apps, software, posters, campaigns) might not be the same depending on the platform and its format. For this reason, a translation company must be able to work with different formats and convert them into editable ones if they are not editable.

Moreover, elements are sometimes interlinked with each other. A translated content might contain backlinks that lead to content in another language or to the source website. The agency that will translate gaming content must master the use of different tools and software.

In other words, the challenges of translating for the gambling and betting industry lies in the fact that it combines different types of files and content such as marketing or legal documents for instance. There is no one-size-fits-all approach as each document must be individually adapted to reach the target audience and create trust in a gaming company.

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Quality of the translated texts is important in every industry and project. However, it is especially the case in the sports betting industry.

The iGaming industry, also called online gaming, encompasses all types of online games including, but not limited to, gambling, casino games, betting and gaming or sports betting. It is a fast evolving and very diverse industry in terms of games, platforms and content and also the competition is fierce.

To make sure your business is successful abroad, the translations must be of the highest quality and translators must have the experience and expertise to provide the best translated content. To provide a high-quality translation in iGaming and for sports bets especially, there are elements that need particular attention.

The Quality Factors

Here are four elements that will be factors of quality in the services provided by a translation agency:

1. Terminology

The industry of sports bet has a very specific terminology. Mastering the different terms in this context is a requirement. In order to do so, the translator must have the proper knowledge and relevant experience to provide an accurate translation of content one can find on a betting platform or in the igaming industry in general.

Alongside his or her expertise, the professional translator has to guarantee the consistency of the translation in the different translation projects. Creating a glossary and a term base and frequently referring to them will help prevent discrepancies, mistranslations, and flaws in the translated documents.

2. Knowledge

To translate in the iGaming business, the agencies that offer translation services must make sure their translators have the required knowledge to undertake translation projects, such as mastery of the target language as well as knowledge of the specific industry.

First, the translator must be a native speaker to guarantee the excellent command of a language and all its intricacies and cultural context. Second, he or she must have knowledge of the industry to understand the specific terms that comes with iGaming, but also in marketing in order to provide relevant content translations adapted to a target market and a target country.

3. Experience

When it comes to sports betting, online casino and other iGaming translations, having relevant experience is a must and comes hand in hand with the knowledge cited in the previous part. The gaming industry is very diverse, content comes in different formats such as mobile apps, websites, commercials, ads, posters. All of these formats cannot be translated the same way as marketing strategies and they have to be adapted since trends change fast.

Moreover, simple translation does not suffice, and translators must adapt the content they translate. This is called localization. Depending on the culture, the language and the format, strategic choices will have to be made and having experience will assure that the right ones are made to deliver a very high quality content.

4. Trust

Since online betting and online gambling imply engaging fortune, establishing a level of trust for the client is of the utmost importance. To create that feeling of trust, the aforementioned elements must be assured. The translation services must be provided by a native speaker who will translate iGaming content, knows of the specific terminology, and will adapt it to the target market. The player, when faced with content translated in his mother tongue and adapted to his or her culture, will feel targeted and involved.

Attention to details is also an important element to create trust for the player. When all these elements are provided, the player will consequently be more susceptible to engage his fortune with a specific iGaming operator.

All these elements will contribute to a good experience for the player, but they will also directly reflect and contribute to building the brand image of a gaming company.

To meet all these requirements, you have to provide content that will reflect the culture of your players and ensure the success of your business, so it is very important to carefully choose your translation agency.

Intertranslations has over 25 years of experience in the iGaming industry and has proven to be the leader in sports betting translation services and online gaming localization.

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Online gaming localization – more than a simple translation.

The gaming industry is blooming online and competition is at an all time high. One of the strong points of this industry is its diversity. It is diverse in its content as it includes all types of online games such as gambling, betting, casinos and much more, but also in its platforms. Nowadays, a player can access any games through a computer or a smartphone, thus influencing marketing and business strategies.

To stand out amongst other competitors, you have to make sure that your content speaks to your target audience. And in order to do so, you have to choose the right translation services that will provide you with localized content.

But what is localization and why is it necessary in online gambling ?

Localization is more than a simple translation. It takes into consideration cultural context and adapts your source documents to your target audience. In the gambling industry, it is more than necessary and for a few reasons.

1. More than a simple translation

Localization goes farther than a simple translation. When a business in the gambling industry wants to expand and reach other markets and other countries, it is in order to provide

translated and localized documents to different bodies. Legal documents regarding licensing, regulations or laws are translated into a target language. But when it comes to marketing materials intended for an international audience, accurate translations are made through localization. Using this will create deeper marketing strategies and the translated content will be in adequation with the cultural context of the target country, thus creating a feeling of involvement and trust in the player.

2. Cultural context

When it comes to online gambling and other online games, it is a requirement that the translation is done by native speakers. They master their mother tongue and therefore are able to translate content accurately by adapting it to the target audience. Moreover, a professional translation is made by a subject matter expert, who is keen on the specific terms, the industry, the habits and customs of iGaming through his or her experience. All these elements are necessary in order to provide a localization, which means a translation influenced by the language, the cultural context, the trends of the country and consequently reaching successfully to the target players.

3. World immersion

One of the biggest assets of the gaming industry is that it is very immersive. Game developers work on creating universes in which the player will be fully immersed, fully involved and focused on. Web developers have created online platforms that are intuitive and appealing to the players. To preserve these attributes, only a professional translation of high quality will be accepted. Translating for a gambling website must be done by a native speaker who will keep this immersive characteristic and transcribe it in the players native language to offer the best gambling and betting experience.

By its diversity in terms of content and platforms, the gaming industry requires particular attention to details and expertise from the chosen translation agency.

Intertranslations has over 25 years of experience in the online gaming industry and is proven to be the leader in online gaming localization.

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