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Online Casino Localisation and Sports Betting translations

Success stories

A Success Story

Localisation of an online casino and sports betting platform

Our client: A Maltese company with presence in Germany, Romania, Bulgaria and Portugal

Key persons: Project manager, marketing manager and content strategist

Type of documents: Website content

Tools and software: Excel, CSV, Word and JSON

Volume: 250,000 words

Delivery time: 19 calendar days

Intended audience: Senior Inspector of the Gambling Commission, as well as end clients

Key challenges:

  • High-quality translation and review
  • Accuracy and consistency of terminology
  • Time restrictions


We set up three dedicated teams of linguists, with each team containing one translator and one reviser.

One team focused on translating the terms and conditions. They also dealt with all the documentation relating to compliance, ready for an audit by the Gambling Commission.

The second team handled the online casino and marketing materials, such as teasers, ads and emails, while the final team translated the sports betting documents.

Before the translation process could begin, the first step was to create a translation glossary of all the key terms. Once the client had approved the chosen terminology, our translators were able to use this as a reference. This helped ensure both consistency and accuracy across all documents.

The files were sent to us in batches of 5–6 documents at a time, which we in turn delivered back to our client in batches. This helped us speed up the entire translation process.

Happy note: Our client was very happy with both the efficient handling of their project and the overall outcome of their translated website. With the support of our specialist teams, they were able to successfully expand their business into a completely new market.

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