What Are the Challenges of Translation in the iGaming Sector?

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The online gaming industry has come into its own in recent years, with online games becoming one of the most widespread forms of entertainment worldwide. This sector is steadily attracting more and more people from all ages, nationalities and backgrounds, crossing cultural and linguistic boundaries.

What is ‘iGaming’?

The iGaming industry covers all types of online games, including gambling, casino games, betting and sports betting, as well as video gaming. This sector is incredibly diverse in terms of games, platforms and content.

The user experience is continually improving thanks to technological advances and innovation, as well as the creativity of game developers and game designers. The sector is evolving daily, and the ability to play games from your mobile at any time and place makes iGaming all the more attractive.

With growing popularity, competition is fierce and many believe that the iGaming industry will continue to lead the gaming industry in the coming years. 

The importance of using the right terminology 

Each industry has its own unique jargon, and the iGaming sector is no different. In order to deliver a translation which respects the integrity of the original text, translators need to use the correct terminology.

Since translating texts for this sector requires an understanding of specific terms, it is best to use a professional translator who specialises in gaming. They will have with the necessary knowledge and experience in the field to ensure an accurate translation free from errors.

Knowledge and experience

Translators also need specific skills, knowledge and experience if they are going to translate iGaming documents correctly. They will need to keep up with current industry trends and will also need an excellent knowledge of the target language. This understanding of both the industry and language will allow them to master industry-specific terms.

Experience also gives translators the knowledge they need to take the best approach towards different formats. This diverse industry delivers content in a variety of different formats, such as mobile applications, websites, advertisements and posters. This means that when translating documents relating to sports betting, online casinos and other online games, relevant experience within the gaming industry is essential.

Translation and localisation

When it comes to gaming translation, providing a basic translation is not enough—the translator needs to go one step further with localisation. The localisation process for games involves adapting the content to suit the cultural, linguistic, technical and regulatory norms of the target audience. This means that the translator must choose the right words and turns of phrase in order to create a text that feels familiar.

This familiarity can help build up a level of trust, which is especially important for online betting and gambling. When content is translated into the player’s native language, it is much more relatable and makes them feel engaged. The quality is also important, and an accurate translation that feels familiar will show players that you care, further inspiring confidence in your services. With a quality translation adapted to your audience, players will be more likely to trust you with their money.

Depending on the culture, language and format, strategic choices will need to be made in order to provide your audience with quality gaming content. Experience ensures that the right choices are made and having an experienced localisation team will help drive your international marketing strategy towards success.

Marketing strategies are all about connecting with the target audience and making your product or service appealing. For an international target audience, localisation allows the translator to produce texts which have the right impact on your readers. By adapting the content to suit your audience, you can get a quality translation that will help your company gain international success. 

Why Intertranslations?

At Intertranslations, we have over 25 years of experience in the online gaming industry and have become one of the top translation agencies in this field. Our translation team is made up of native speakers who specialise in iGaming to ensure excellent knowledge of the target language and culture. This way, we can ensure that they have all the qualifications and experience needed to guarantee quality translations.

We understand that translation is essential within the international market for getting ahead of the competition, as well as generating revenue and inspiring customer loyalty. Dedicated to helping you succeed in the global market, our localisation service is one of the best around when it comes to video game localisation.

If you want to find out more, then get in touch with our translation team today.

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