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Marketing translation is now becoming increasingly popular. And for good reason, as multinationals have set an example by expanding abroad, outsourcing their workforce and entering other markets. But how have these brands, which have dominated the world for decades, been successful in their international growth?

While expanding into foreign markets requires a well-defined strategy, comprehensive market research, innovative, competitive products and opportunities, these brands also produced impressive marketing and advertising campaigns. Nike, Sephora, Mercedes and Barilla are just a few examples; whatever their industry, they are present, well-known and recognized all around the world.

Most companies want to expand internationally, and this is precisely when marketing translation is effective. It is a key element in your internationalisation strategy.

What is marketing translation?

An ambitious aim

Marketing translationis a style that helps to promote your brand beyond borders.The aim is to help you achieve successful international growth.

There are two challenges: producing a high-quality translation and convincing a wide audience.

A wide range of documents

Marketing translation covers several types of documents which all help to promote your brand. Here are some examples:

  • Marketing and advertising documents – brochures, flyers, white papers, computer graphics, contracts, market research, research on competitors, campaigns, webinars, etc.

Why is marketing translation important?

An essential step

Whenever you consider expanding internationally, you need to think about your marketing strategy. You will have to translate your content. It is best to maximise your chances of success by producing an outstanding marketing translation.

A key asset

Marketing translation enables you to culturally adapt your business and marketing communication strategy. The aim is to follow the rules governing the target market in which you wish to grow and address your target market in the most appropriate way. You need to communicate about your brand, your products or your services even more effectively than a local brand would, in order to establish your company as a leader in the new sought-after market!

Transcreation for marketing translation

The advantages of transcreation

Transcreation has cultural and creative dimensions. Your content is not only perfectly translated, it is also creative, original and attractive so that it appeals to your target.

Our translators are native speakers and experts with excellent language skills. They are also specialised in marketing, with over 20 years’ experience. As they have a wealth of expertise in this type of translation, they are aware of the different challenges and will support you in your international expansion.

Stand out from your competitors

At Intertranslation, our experts make sure that your message will be well received in your target market. Your translations are 100% personalised; they reflect your brand and are in line with your marketing communication policy. We help you to stay consistent with your values and brand image. Our aim is for your brand to stand up to the competition!

Specific examples

A poor translation

Let’s look at the example of the Coca-Cola brand. When entering the Chinese market, it chose a (highly unrecommended) literal translation of its name:Kekoukela.The translation was clearly inappropriate as it actually means “toad stuffed with wax”. After careful consideration, the marketing team chose Kokoukole, which means “happiness in the mouth”.

Successful communication

Nike has taken advantage of the benefits of storytelling to create a desire, a sense of belonging and loyalty among its clients. The combination of the “Just do it” slogan, the staging of its advertisements and the unveiling of its products at the end are extremely effective at helping the brand to expand, particularly internationally.

Marketing translation should be included in your international growth strategy. When marketing content is translated professionally, asat is at our agency, it becomes a key asset for your brand’s growth.

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