Post-editing: human intervention is essential

November 4, 2020 Specific Translations

Post-editing is closely related to machine translation. As machine translation engines have become more advanced, costs have decreased significantly and the results are fast. However, the output is not always perfect, which is where post-editing comes into play

What is post-editing?  

Post-editing is the process of correcting content that has been pre-translated by machine translation software. The aim is to make it more intelligible to humans.  

From machine translation to post-editing  

When a document is translated using translation software, the term machine translation is used. The more the machine is trained (by humans), the better the result.  

To optimise the result, post-editing is a necessary step. It involves correcting the content that the software has pre-translated, in order to perfect the output. There are two types of post-editing: 

  1. Light post-editing 

Human linguistic intervention is minimal. Only the necessary changes are made to ensure the text is understandable. This means that only obvious errors are corrected, such as typos, grammatical errors, confusing phrases and inappropriate terms. 

The style does not flow well and may seem slightly “robotic”, but it is nevertheless grammatically correct. 

2. Full post-editing  

Full post-editing requires the highest level of human linguistic intervention. In fact, everything is scrutinised, including grammar, vocabulary, spelling and the style, which is natural and flows smoothly. The post-editor reformulates phrases where necessary. The aim is to perfect the content to achieve a high-quality result,  which is one of the advantages of post-editing.  

Why choose post-editing?  

Translating your documents is the first step in your internationalisation strategy. The quality of your translations is the key to success! The translated text must be natural and reflect the content of the source language with sufficient adaptations to make it coherent in the target language, but there is more to it than that.  

At Intertranslations we offer quality, fast turnaround and reliability at low prices. We are a professional translation agency specialised in light and full post-editing. With over 20 years of experience, we offer a personalised service that meets or exceeds your expectations!  

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