What Are the Advantages of Translation for Aviation Companies?

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Aviation is the fastest worldwide transportation network available and as such, it plays a key role in growing global businesses. It provides the bridge between people and continents, bringing together cultures and languages. Communication is fundamental in allowing the aviation industry to achieve these goals, making translation an essential service for aviation companies.

From manufacturers of commercial aircraft and avionics to aircraft MRO services, translation opens up global opportunities for these companies. It is also valuable for those offering flight simulation and training facilities, as well as aviation companies looking to secure stakeholders. Read on to discover exactly how translation can benefit companies from all areas of the aviation industry.

Aircraft manufacturers

From air cargo to passenger planes, aviation companies depend heavily on manufacturers to ensure they know how to use their products safely. This means that aircraft manufacturers need to provide a variety of different documents which present technical information in a way that is easy to understand. These documents describe everything from specific items like turbines and compressors to the electronics that go into the aircraft.

Some of the most common documents they provide include training documents and user manuals describing how the products work and how to fix any issues. There are also commercial documents used to sell the aeroplanes and their parts, making sure any parts purchased are the right ones for the job.

The information provided in each of these documents is critical to ensuring the safety of everyone aboard the aircraft. As such, aircraft manufacturers must provide translated documents certified by a professional translator. This will ensure the documents are accurate across multiple languages so that the products can be used safely.

Another benefit of translating these documents is that this allows manufacturers to reach a larger market. Providing the essential information in multiple languages makes the products easily accessible to more people, inspiring trust and ultimately selling more products.

This also applies to marketing documents, which play a huge role in helping the manufacturer stand out from the competition. The messages need to be conveyed to people from all cultural backgrounds while being catchy, engaging and using industry-specific jargon. Working with a commercial translator will help you create effective marketing materials that engage your new market and set you apart from your competitors.


Avionics plays a major role in controlling aircraft. They allow pilots to communicate with control towers, navigate air traffic and retrieve information about the state of the aircraft and the outside climate. By providing such critical information, electronics have repeatedly shown how effective they are at ensuring a safer flight for everyone on board the plane. All users must have access to this information, which makes translation vital in overcoming language barriers.

When translating documents relating to avionics, look for a specialist aviation translator. The world of avionics has its own unique technical language that appears in manuals and other documents. This includes a large number of acronyms widely used in the aviation industry.

Specialist aviation translators understand this jargon in both the source and target languages, and as such, they will deliver an accurate translation. This allows avionics companies to provide clear and accurate information that is easily understood, ensuring the equipment is used correctly for safer flights.

Aviation MRO services 

Aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services is a fast-growing industry that plays a fundamental role in running aviation businesses. MRO providers are the ones who carry out all the repairs and services needed to keep the aircraft in top condition, making sure it is safe to fly.

With regular updates to safety requirements and the invention of new aircraft models, MRO services constantly need to produce a variety of new technical documents. Essential to the work they do, these documents include training courses, patents and e-learning documents, as well as software applications. Since aviation is a global industry involving people from various backgrounds, these documents must be translated for them to be accessible to everyone.

It is also essential that these documents and applications are translated accurately so that they can be used by law enforcement and professionals. In such cases, a localisation specialist can help MRO companies to translate and adapt their content to suit the target culture and fulfil local regulations.

How can Intertranslations help?

With over 25 years of experience, our team is trusted by some of the largest international companies for our expertise, technology and competitive prices. Working in more than 40 languages, we can translate documents across all European, Asian and Eastern languages. 

Using the latest translation technologies and working with aviation specialists, we can help you translate a variety of document types. From our large network of vetted translators, we will select an aviation specialist experienced in handling legal, engineering and safety documents. We will also ensure they are native speakers of your target language for an accurate target text using natural language.

By working with a team of specialist translators and using cutting-edge translation technologies, we make the translation process simple and efficient while ensuring high-quality output. We can also have any team member working on your documents sign an NDA, ensuring that we handle all your documents with care and confidentiality.

Whatever type of document you need translating, contact us to find out more about our aviation translation services and how we can help.

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